30 Best Forex Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

Whether you’re new to trading and need a hand or are experienced and want to keep developing, you’re going to find helpful material to you here. Is developed for all potential forex traders who want to get more freedom in their lives. Host Etienne Crete interviews traders worldwide, looking into what makes them successful and how they have managed to build up their portfolios. Perhaps the most valuable lessons that Akil shares on the podcast are not specific to trading at all.

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Other than its usual episodes, SteadyTrade also dishes out mini episodes every week called T.W.I.S.T which stands for This Week in Steady Trade. Each T.W.I.S.T. episode is shortened to around minutes and is headed by another trio Jack Kellogg, Kyle Williams, and Matthew Monaco. Notably, each episode is accompanied by an in-depth written text as well as resources like TED talks, blog posts or books that relate to the episode. This text article goes beyond typical show notes as it is oftentimes a stand-alone resource that already offers great value.

This is the modern-day equivalent of the Market Wizards series. Whilst Meb himself runs some episodes, in others, some of the biggest players and investors in the world are interviewed for their take and professional insights. This is one of the best and most well-known shows hosted by Aaron Fifield. Every series is presented in the form of an interview with a professional trader or investor.

If you like Chat With Traders (which you do – because if you don’t then you wouldn’t be a trader) – then you’re going to love A Trader’s Life too. Like Akil, Jason is a huge fan of the growth mindset mentality. He is always encouraging his listeners and followers to make decisions that will result in their long-term success rather than their short-term gratification. All of this compounds to contribute towards your long-term success as a trader.

Etienne is currently an active swing trader and active adviser in the trading community through his Desire to Trade website and resources. Emily Henry is a writer with Essay Help and College Assignment Help. Either way, you can tune in to see what an experienced trader can offer you.

Essentially, Truth About FX takes on an informational style of podcasting headed by the tandem of Hugh Kimura and Walter Peters. In this setup, Hugh asks the big questions while Walter gives his quick takes on the main topic of the episode. Hugh and Peters bounces off ideas from each other on essentially anything – concepts, ideas, strategies – that relates to trading currencies. In this post, I will share my favorite forex podcasts and provide a concise summary on each. Follow Money Making Jes on his quest for financial freedom from every day 9 to 5 grind. Money Makin Jes’ next life chapter begins with him learning how to trade the Forex markets and other financial markets.

He brands himself as a forex fundamentalist and sentiment trader. Dr. Gospodarek’s experience is quite varied and vast – he launched multiple forex related websites as well as developed automated trading strategies in MT4. Etienne Crete, the face behind Desire to Trade, has the ambition to provide followers/ listeners a solid process that has proven results. He started trading currencies back in 2013 in Montreal, Canada. The host, accompanied by the Desire to Trade team, interviews key figures in the trading world. Lessons are imparted by these winners sharing their stories and emulating their psyches and systems.

$100 to $100,000 (The 6-Figure FOREX Formula)

And achieve true financial independence using a variety of means, including trading. Trading as a business is an excellent notion, but most traders have no idea what it entails. Then there’s Jason Graystone’s amazing Always Free Podcast is a forex podcast. This podcast will offer you an advantage and provide you an insight.

His devotion to trading is imminent and he also likes to share the knowledge. The episodes are brief but frequent, and if you’re a new trader , you’ll find a lot of useful information in them. This is a podcast that was started by Akil Stokes’ business partner in 2019.

TradingWithRayner Show

I read Jack Schwager’s book Market Wizards before deciding to become a full-time trader. A Trader’s Life is Chat With Traders’ podcast relative is a forex podcast. In this podcast, Jason discusses the particular tactics and systems. Which he utilized to break out from a typical middle-class rut.

With this diverse cast, any listener can easily find someone relatable and learn what to emulate from these pro traders. Margin Call is the podcast that gives you behind-the-scenes access to the ups and downs of working in the Forex and CFD industry. We interview the people that keep the show on the road, giving you insight into what makes the industry tick. The series is guest-hosted by Jordan Michaelides and produced by the team at Neuralle. Welcome to Forex Fire Member Podcast My name is John DochertyI have been trading for a little over 4 years now, I have in that time had many ups and downs. I built a free resource community for other like-minded people to access and come join and learn from each other and take part in our trading journey.

This podcast was created to document my journey to financial freedom doing something I, Raymond Jeffries love in Currency Trading. I am also here to give advice to others who are looking to make this journey pursuing their passions in entrepreneurship with the pitfalls and hurdles along the voyage. Orbex Podcast is focusing on analyzing the Forex market trends from technical and fundamental analysis angles. Our podcasts will offer a 360° view on the topic and will not disappoint you. Best https://forexbroker-listing.com/ list curated from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

Etienne Crete interviews successful traders from around the world. His focus is on providing you with lessons from his personal trading experience and his conversations as he trade and travels around the globe. These are just some of the best forex trading podcasts out there right now. If you want to dip your toes into the world of forex trading podcasts, then these are the ones you can start with.

Jason and Akil share many of the same financial independence concepts and attitudes. Also they both consider trading as one of many options for achieving financial independence. From high-frequency algo programmers to discretionary click-traders from the retail and proprietary trading worlds. Stephen forex clubs Johnson started as a student of Tim Bohen and is now an active part-time trader living in Dubai. Compared to his co-hosts, Johnson’s experience is not as in-depth in number of years. He aims to document his development from rookie all the way to professional through his YouTube channel.

Those who prefer listening will appreciate the best forex podcasts made by professionals. Most episodes have bold topics – debunking myths, the downsides of trading , common mistakes of trading . Oftentimes, the topic for that week offers relevance in current conditions of the market. In other episodes, one of the hosts, Stephen, shares the learnings he derived from his analysis of his trades of that particular week. To provide further variety, SteadyTrade also brings in guests to interview. Bohen, Curtin, and Johnson are all individually knowledgeable about the market and each offers their own unique perspectives of the topic.

Truth About Forex Trading Podcast

Our purpose for this podcast is to support you in your trading and help you generate Consistent Forex Profits. Through our shows and guest stories, we will share valuable insights, successes, failures, challenges and AHA moments that will inspire you and help improve your trading to make you more profitable. Since 2015 I’ve been searching the world for the best Forex, Futures, Stock and Cryptocurrency traders to find out what makes them win. In fact, I’ve become so good at interviewing these winning traders, I’m able to unearth ‘nuggets upon nuggets’ of knowledge and money making tips during each and every interview. If you want to receive an invitation to our live webinars, trading ideas, trading strategy, and high-quality forex articles, signup for ourNewsletter.

Trading is not just about your ability to identify opportunities and execute on them consistently. The ultimate goal is developing your financial and personal freedom and maturity, which requires the cultivation of discipline and adaptable skills across all areas of your life. This podcast has rapidly grown to become arguably the most influential trading podcast on the planet.

This gives traders the heads up on opportunities that they can actually partake. Podcasts are a great avenue for traders to learn the ins and outs of the forex market. There’s a huge variety of options for how to listen to podcasts these days.

From the outline, one can easily see how the main topic is dissected. Desire to Trade was featured in various media platforms including the Huffington Post, FX Trade Magazine, Forex Crunch, Forex School Online, Tradelife, among others. In this article I’ll review of what I believe are the 7 best Forex podcasts.

There are exciting forecasts on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY today. He talks about the ups and downs of his life and keeps it authentic. He’s a guy I can honestly say I look up to and I’m much older. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. Blogger Outreach or Influencer Marketing Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories.

Provide information about where to listen, frequency of each podcast post and the general podcast style. Look for the US announcements this morning to drive the direction of the markets for the next few days. 5-15 minutes episodes is great for a person who doesn’t like long form content. The more I listen the more he spoke about motivational aspects of life that span more than just Forex such as giving something your all and not giving up because it didn’t happen right away. Both of these podcasts are also available on the No Nonsense Forex YouTube channel and all podcast apps as well. In episode 207, we welcome our guest, Jeremy Yamaguchi, founder of Lawn Love.

Power Trading Radio:

Hugh is an active independent trader and is also a trading performance coach. In a nutshell, Podbean is a centralized platform that hosts a huge variety of podcasts of different subjects including trading and investing. Podcasts can be simple dragged how to pick stocks for day trading and dropped or downloaded directly to your device. From the every beginning he preached patient and learning over falling for the luxury lifestyle on IG from other traders. The Trading with Venus podcast is created for you, the Forex Trader.

Does Stop Loss Order provide full protection or not?

He speaks a lot about real estate and investment properties, how to go about starting your own trading business, and how to make more self-empowering decisions in your day-to-day life. Instead of just reading about the experiences and exploits of famous and significantly successful traders, now we get to listen to the interviews directly with all the emotional and personal nuance. Some of the best degiro isas on the internet have been mentioned above. Note that most of them are in an interview format, and in some way, this helps to give beginners a different twist when learning about trading concepts. Akil is a full-time forex trader and trading coach who guides new and struggling retail traders toward market success.

A Real Forex Journey

He has stock trading and investing experience, but his specialty is FX trading. Its regarding the trading business and what it takes to succeed in the markets. There is to know about trading the markets and you enjoy listening to podcasts, this one is for you. Many of the ideas and concepts discussed translate well to forex trading. Two Blokes Trading is a fun, conversation-style and educational type of podcast that centers on the world of trading forex. The podcast, now headed by Tom and Brandon, delivers weekly content that aims to be the one-stop shop for trading needs – from forex analysis – technical as well as fundamental concepts.

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